Darryl was born with his Aura sight and senses switched on and grew up thinking that everyone could see what he saw. He also could hear spirit in his mind and had foresight of things around him. Around age eight Darryl's Grandmother who was an avid admirer and follower of Edgar Cayce began to instruct Darryl in the ways to utilize his talents. In his early years she taught him how to Tarot Cards, Aura reading and meaning, Crystal scrying, the use of pendulum, and psychometry.

During his life time Darryl has been ordained as a minister twice both under the Christian faith system and under the Druid faith system. He works in all types of media for message work including Soul Portrait work. He has attained many goals in his life as a spiritual soul healer.

Currently he is working on a book, has a Tarot deck awaiting publication, is a teacher, lecturer, and minister. 

What are Soul Portraits?

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About Darryl


Soul Portraits Scheduling

Soul Portraits are a mixed media aura and soul energy specific reading using art and color to project image and energy onto paper as directed by spirit.

The images displayed relate to things surrounding ones life that may need to be looked at or dealt with. The art is charged by spirit and is specific to each person the channeled messages you hear.

They can be very insightful as a tool along with other types of readings to help guide you on your path.