DJ worked giving readings and donating her time to The Temple of the Living God, and Temple of Light and Healing. Again, expanding her knowledge of numerology and Palmistry through classes. DJ's day job for Directions for Mental Health also was a positive experience for her which gave her insight to dream interpretation. DJ uses a combination of her learned skilled and psychic talents to get answers to questions people want to know. She worked for Psychic Andrea in Ybor for a year before coming with her to Psychics In The City. Always striving to continue honing her skills, DJ works daily to maintain her metaphysical beliefs to ensure her messages give the best options to help people.


About Mystic DJ


In DJ's mid twenties she attended a seminar at the Metaphysical Church, Temple of the Living God, and after the seminar she bought her first deck of Tarot Cards. This was a turning point in DJ's life. In the years to follow she attended an ongoing weekly class with Rev. Joyce Novak for the better part of 5 years. It was there that she earned a teaching certificate to teach Psychic Development. Following that, several years later she met Rev. Rakya with whom she again attended weekly classes for another 5 years, this was very valuable time well spent as many of the attendees were very talented in things like Reiki, Massage, Aura Body Cleansing, Astrology, and Guided Meditations.

09/08/11 DJ was right on with her reading. She said with my health problems I would be laying on my back for a long period of time and unable to move but I would be OK. Turns out I needed 2 cardiac stents and had to lay still for 4 hours on my back, that was 18 months ago and I'm doing fine and only 43. -Gail G.

Both Andrea and DJ- I have been so blessed! Not only to have 2 of the most gifted and spiritually beautiful people in my life but who are honest, maintain integrity and have told me things no one else could know. My life has taken a new direction through this guidance, allowing me to make positive and better choices. I continue to grow, am a work in progress and thank God for putting them in my life! -Anonymous

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