Mercury in Retrograde

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Mercury in Retrograde


 There is an unshakable belief that one should avoid making plans during Mercury in Retrograde such as signing contracts, forming partnerships or even beginning that new job. Sometimes unresolved issues from the past tend to arise during this period.

Mercury retrograde affects people differently, depending on their personal charts. To learn more about how Mercury in Retrograde may impact your astrological sign visit

Around the shop you may have heard us mumble the phrase “Mercury in Retrograde” in solemn, hushed tones. Wonder why we do that? Mercury in Retrograde, which typically occurs three times a year, is a result of when the planet Mercury slows down appears to stop, and move backwards.

Mind you, the planet doesn’t actually stop or move backward, but this optical illusion is a sign of all the mayhem that is about to occur.

Understanding that Mercury is the ruler of communication you may find during this period that emails are undeliverable – they get deleted or bounce back to you, postal mail is returned, telephone calls are lost to the netherworld, vehicles, computers and phone lines may develop inexplicable issues.

It is ill advised for one to make important decisions while Mercury is in retrograde being that it is a period of misinformation, poor communication, and careless or unclear thinking.