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Andrea has helped countless people over the years answering their questions about love, money, family, and so much more. To read what her clients have to say about her click the link below:

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 Born and raised in New York, Andrea moved to Clearwater, FL where she has been amazing people with her insight, buoyant personality and contagious smile since 1993. At the age of 8 Andrea realized she had amazing psychic gifts - she is clairvoyant and has the ability to cross over to the spiritual world, and uses her intuitive abilities to provide guidance. Andrea believes everything has a number. By using Numerology she has the ability to access information that is significant to your life. Her accuracy amazes even those who have been looking for answers for years. Andrea, who can receive specific names, dates, and states that are relevant to people’s lives, specializes in compatibility in relationships and business. Former owner of the Psychic Café in Ybor City Psychic Andrea has been featured on the Daytime morning talk show, newspapers have show cased her abilities in full length articles, and her clients span the globe locally, nationally and internationally.

Be careful of the words you speak keep them soft and sweet you never know from day to day which ones you're gonna eat!

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