~~Hi Andrea, I'm not sure you'll remember me, my name is Deb Willard. My husband, Scott, works at Coleman. We spoke several years ago by phone about our son, Adam. I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for me. I was inspired by your confirmations that Adam would be ok. (He has Aspergers) I wanted to tell you that Adam graduated Cum Laude from JW Mitchell High last year and is now a Musical Theatre major at American Music and Dramatic Academy in NYC!! He sings like an angel, our boy who couldn't talk until he was 5! We never knew he could sing until he was a jr in high school and the dr. at All Children's said that theatre would help with speech and confidence. And that was the beginning of a miracle. He was awarded the Tampa Bay Businesses for the Arts Scholarship for vocals. I am attaching the impact awards they where they asked him to perform. Please feel free to look at my YouTube channel to see his other videos. Thank you again for giving me the courage to never give up on him. I hope you are happy and well!! Bless all you do! Deb Here is a link to the amazing video: http://youtu.be/0QVvdfTC0dw

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for Psychics in the City. I first became acquainted with Andrea through her radio appearance and my husband and I started visiting her after the death of our son in 2006 and make it a point to visit at least twice a year. Andrea is amazing not only as a psychic but as a human being. She is so accurate it is scary when it comes to her readings but she is the most giving individual I have ever met. Andrea gives her heart and soul to all of her clients. She is the one I turn to for guidance when I am the weakest. I have sent family and friends to Andrea and they all love her. -Traci Wright

What Andrea's Clients Have to Say.....


I recently wrote a book about my childhood abuse, “Mommy Can’t You See… His EYES Are Always On Me!” Andrea said to publish it and it will do very well. To my surprise, my first published book is currently listed as #1 in the US and in Canada under the true crime category at Sony. Psychic Andrea also predicts that I will be writing a book about her! Stay tuned for more book news!

As Always, Thank You Psychic Andrea! Sincerely,

Carol Fetter

09/10/14 I've gone to many spiritual advisers before, never have I ever gotten actual notes from one. That was interesting. Andrea was very helpful, accurate and easy to talk to. I came in with worldly questions and she brought me down to ground level. Thanks for the insight. Hopefully what you said will come true. It's yet to come, so I don't know! Ready or not...

Andrea told me that I would be working for a guy names Billy and that he owned a store in North Carolina. Turns out my friend Billy does in fact own a store in North Carolina and I did and am currently employed by him! She also asked me "What is the deal with frogs?" What she didn't know, or maybe she did, is that I am deathly afraid of frogs! She mentioned so much more and EVERYTHING came true. She is UNDENIABLY the best psychic I have ever been to! -Laurie S.